Friday, September 30, 2016

How to renew the McAfee antivirus |1-855-675-0083

As we know that everyone needs to be updated and developed. If you will be updated so you will be safe from everyday’s crimes and disease. If you will not be updated so you can be hunted of any disease or stuck in fraud.

As same this happen with the antivirus, if you will not update the antivirus so you can lose your privacy, confidential details and security of computer. But some of the users are unable to solve such problems like; update the McAfee antivirus, install the McAfee antivirus, uninstall the McAfee antivirus and so on, for this type of problems McAfee provides the McAfee antivirus technical support number so that you can call and get the solution of the problem.

How to renew the McAfee antivirus

Now coming to the point, here will see that how to renew the McAfee antivirus with such simple steps.

Step 1:  Sign in the McAfee account

Step 2:  Now will see, “My account” page than select “My account” and click on subscriptions

Step 3:  Click to “View Active” to see active subscription or Click “All Expired” to see previous subscription

Step 4:  Select the subscription which you want to renew and then click on “Renew” button.

Now your subscription has renewed successfully. If you still unable to renew the antivirus so you can call @ our McAfee customer support phone number (1-855-675-0083) or you can also visit the website.

How to uninstall the McAfee antivirus

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