Tuesday, December 13, 2016

McAfee Mobile Security Application for Android Really Effective!! An insight Review

As Intel Security Corporation has launched McAfee Mobile security application for Android device, it has become easier for user to explore the feature and functionalities of Android Smartphone device in a confident way. Even if you download and install new app on your Smartphone device, shop online as well as browse social networking websites through pre-installed web browsers, McAfee Mobile Security Plus is always there to safeguard your device from any kind of malicious activities usually conducted by virus, malware as well as Trojan horse files. 

Whenever a user starts any sort of download, an immediate security and privacy scan is initiated at that point of time. McAfee has earned a world-wide reputation by rendering security to more than 150 million Android Smartphone and tab devices by offering protection in a most robust and comprehensive mobile security solutions in recent times. Now users can easily prevent possibilities of their identity thefts by installing McAfee mobile security in their android Smartphone device for an easy and secure accessibility of features and functions encapsulated within the device.

Attributes of McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security; once installed on the Android Smartphone deliver services such as:
  • Antivirus: McAfee render security shield to the android device against malicious files by providing guard against virus, malware, Trojan horse as well as blocks the intrusion of spyware and adware files that makes Smartphone device vulnerable. Make search and shop securely accessing e-commerce website with encrypted secure socket layer feature offered by McAfee to complete hassle free shopping using credit card, debit card or PayPal as this functionality does not allow website to save the card details.
  • Anti-theft: Anti-theft functionality in McAfee Mobile security locates the area in which malicious activity is attempted and sends alarming notice using online portal. User can easily lock and wipe the data to prevent misuse of their personal information. This anti-theft functionality automatically takes snapshot of the person holding your lost device privately and sends it to your email address without letting that person know about it.
  • Real Time Performance: McAfee mobile security plus once installed on your Smartphone device, boost the real time performance of your mobile device with battery optimiser functionality. You can easily access key features through the widget. Take appropriate actions directly from your Android Smartphone device just by installing McAfee mobile security plus for enhanced performance of Smartphone.
  • Privacy: Now users can perform sharing access of their app by creating and setup of different profiles by having McAfee Mobile Security. Now filter the information you want to share with apps installed on the device by enabling the privacy option of McAfee Mobile Security for maintaining secrecy with known ones regarding the information.
  • McAfee Mobile Security application is compatible with android 2.3+ Android One installed on Smartphone device. McAfee mobile security on Android is extremely attuned with Smartphone running on Android 4.4+ (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) and McAfee mobile security 4.5 version or later.

Features of McAfee Mobile Security
Here are certain features that people should go through while looking to install best mobile security in their Android Smartphone device
  • Antivirus Anti- phishing technology
  • Privacy Protection
  • Anti-malware and Anti-spyware
  • Remote Data backup and device cleanup
  • Anti-theft protection technology
  • App Lock and App profile
  • Mobile tracker feature to Locate misplaced Android device
  • Battery Optimiser for device performance boost up
  • Smartphone device security while Web surfing
  • Secure Wi-Fi Connection
Users; who have no knowledge to avail the functionalities and features of McAfee Mobile security installed on the android Smartphone device can easily get in touch with McAfee customer support team as experts are available anytime upon giving a call at official USA McAfee technical support phone number; launched by Intel Security Corporation. The certified experts available at Intel Security Corporation, are highly efficient and have ample experience to help users perform essential activities without any hesitation by helping in download and installation of McAfee mobile security, McAfee Mobile security activation and much.more.

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