Thursday, January 19, 2017

McAfee Antivirus Plus Review

In this rapidly developing environment abundant amount of data is available which can be used by the users all over the world. Such data if fall into the wrong hands may turn out to be problematic for the users. In order to avoid such scenarios and get rid of such problems the users need to install the best antivirus available that protects you from any threats that are encountered. In this article one of the most amazing and widely known antivirus McAfee antivirus plus has been reviewed.

This antivirus provided by Intel Security provides some amazing features to its users to keep the data and information secure. A single subscription allows you to use it on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices. If you do not require to use it on multiple devices, you can use the McAfee antivirus which offers single device protection. This helps in securing your overall data on all the devices you own, and keeps the data secure from any such attacks. It also helps you protect your internet browsing and warns you while visiting malicious websites. It also features a firewall that protects you from any malicious programs entering into the device.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2017 can be easily installed and you do not need to interact with it in any case. After the installation, you can quite easily go to the main page and access different features of the antivirus. The latest version of McAfee AntiVirus Plus uses new virus detection and remediation engine Real Protect. It makes use of behavior to minimize local signatures database and catch zero day malware. As soon as a suspicious program is encountered, the behavioral data after being sent and analyzed back to the cloud and then proper action is taken. There has been a reduction in the scan speed but a gradual increase in efficiency from the latest version of antivirus software. In a recent comparison among the antivirus it scored the top position in the usability test.

It offers best web protection, and also against several other security threats like, Trojans, malware, phishing websites, banking Trojans, etc. It also protects the computer by providing warning about any security sites and the malicious downloads. It also prevents you from getting duped by detecting and blocking phishing sites on all the major browsers available.

It also provides protection as it has its own firewall. Here you can specify your own settings to detect intrusion, view and modify program permissions, ports, and many more such settings. Using Quick scan you can clean your system for junk files, temporary files, registry, cache, thumbnail, memory image files, broken shortcut, and several certain junk files. Different tasks can be scheduled to be run at specified intervals.

McAfee also offers a Virus Protection Pledge. If your system is infected by a virus McAfee techical support will help you fix the problem by remote diagnosis. If the problem cannot be fixed, you can get your money back. In case of any problems feel free to give a ring on McAfee technical support phone number.

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