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What is Antivirus and Firewall? – McAfee Antivirus Support

There has been a rapid advancement in the number of Internet Enabled devices nowadays. With the latest technological advancements happening day by day a large number of activities have now become possible by the use of Internet and Internet Enabled devices. The rapid digitisation has increased the interaction manifold. This in turn has led to the vast amount of data to be stored over the internet which is easily accessible with a click. Most of the data contained are sensitive which can then be exploited by the users for their own personal benefit. This data loss may turn out to be harmful to you. In order to keep yourself secure, you need to have a basic idea about the internet security so that you can keep yourself safe from such attacks. While learning about Internet Security two if the most commonly used words that you come across are Antivirus and Firewall. It is necessary to know about these first so that you have a basic idea about both of them and get to know about its various applications along with the differences between antivirus and firewall.

Antivirus Vs Firewall - McAfee Antivirus Support

What is antivirus?

Antivirus is the software which safeguards the system from the malicious programs and removes them. It takes care of different security threats like backdoors, trojan horses, worms, malware, virus, rootkits, BHOs (browser helper objects), keyloggers, ransomware, browser hijackers, adware, spyware and many more such tasks. It also provides protection from malicious URLs, spams, scamming and phishing attacks, online identity thefts, DDoS attacks and many more such types of attacks. The recent antivirus provides some additional tools as well.

What is Firewall?

The network security system to monitor the traffic of incoming and outgoing elements is termed as firewall. There are a set of predefined rules that differentiate the elements that may be secure or insecure. It can also be used to maintain and grant access to internal servers computers.

Difference between antivirus and firewall:

Firewall monitors the network data transfer while the antivirus scans the data available. It also makes sure that the device remains safe and secure. Some antivirus software like McAfee have an inbuilt firewall which provides both the features of antivirus and firewall.

McAfee antivirus protects your system from any security threats. Frequent updates are provided which can be used to safeguard from the latest attacks. In case you encounter any problem with McAfee antivirus, you can give a call on McAfee customer support number and get the problem fixed as soon as it is encountered. 24*7 support is provided even on public holidays.

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