Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Why should you patch your IP camera and how can you do so?

IP camera or Internet Protocol camera is a very important device in the Internet of things (IOT). Most of the people believe that these devices are just installing and use devices and require no further up gradation. This in turn has lead to the various cyber attacks that target IP cameras. Almost all of the devices that are connected to the internet face the threat of cyber attack. It is quite easy to hack IP cameras, TVs, routers, etc. that are connected to the internet. When a video camera is hacked, it may leak video or join cyber-criminal botnets. These issues in turn may pose problems and can impact the safety, privacy and security and may pose problems for you and other users. In such a case it is necessary to take certain steps to make sure that your camera does not face these issues.

Some common cyber attacks on cameras:

In recent days a number of cases of the cyber attacks on IP camera have come across. A Domain name service attack carried out in US targeted numerous IOT devices along with the IP camera. Several attacks like these come across day by day. Hence it has become quite necessary to safeguard your devices from such attacks.

How to patch your IP camera?

Taking into consideration the recent attacks on the IP cameras, the camera manufacturers release patches so that these devices do not fall victim to such attacks. This can be done by IP camera owners itself and is quite easy to do so. In order to patch your IP camera you need to go through the steps mentioned below:
  • Find out your IP camera model number and the manufacturer.
  • Visit your manufacturer website and look for updates and patches.
  • Install the patches and updates via following the steps as outlined by the manufacturer.
  • Keep your connecting applications updated and install good antivirus software on the devices that you use to connect to IP cameras.

In case you come across any problems installing patches on IP camera or installing and maintaining camera, you can request support by McAfee antivirus customer service number and get the problem fixed as soon as it is encountered. For any other system issues or your McAfee problems too you can seek the help of McAfee experts. 24*7 support is provided even on public holidays. 

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